Family arbitration – 7 reasons to love it

We believe that family arbitration will really take off – it’s a great addition to the other existing alternative dispute resolution approaches to family law, i.e. family mediation and collaborative law. But what are the real advantages of family arbitration?

1. those involved choose their own specialist tribunal

2. the parties keep control of the whole process – and can progress at their chosen speed – not at the speed the court dictates

3. it’s quick – unlike court, there is usually only the need for numerous hearings – one directions hearing and the final hearing

4. it’s convenient – the place, date and time of any hearing, is set by those involved and by the family arbitrator – not by the court

5. the same family arbitrator deals with the case throughout – you don’t get passed from one judge to another, often dealing with a judge who has had no prior involvement or real understanding of the case

6. the whole process is comparatively informal – it easy to approach a family arbitrator for further directions if they prove necessary – unlike court, we need a formal application [usually involving extra costs]

7. depending on the complexity of the issues involved, decisions can either be recorded on paper – or made orally at a hearing

There you go – seven really good reasons why you should consider using family arbitration – it’s really all about control, and family arbitration means the parties remain in control – not the court.

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How You Could You Benefit from Family Arbitration

Freedom to Select Your Arbitrator

Waiting to find out which judge will settle your court case the day before the hearing can be nerve-wracking and judges often aren’t given sufficient time to read the case papers thoroughly. With family arbitration, you can select your arbitrator, giving you the peace of mind that you have an experienced specialist conducting proceedings, who has had time to fully digest the details of the case.

It’s Quick!

Your freedom to select an arbitrator means that you can choose one with a relatively clear schedule. Parties are then able to set the time-scale for proceedings. This means that you can know before proceedings how long they may take and make any personal plans accordingly.


Parties to the dispute have the freedom to build security provisions into the arbitration process thereby safeguarding confidentiality, as long as the arbitrator agrees that they are reasonable. For example, parties may wish to protect themselves from leaks about confidential information by keeping all papers in a secure place or limiting disclosure requirements.

You Could Save Time and Money

Family arbitration will incur certain costs, including venue hire, arbitration fees and other expenses. However, the flexibility to limit the scope of the case and the requirements for declaration of assets etc. can help to save you money. Furthermore, you will make a significant saving in time.


Awards made under family arbitration must be respected in the same way and carry the same longevity as judgements made in court. Although these may be open to review and can be appealed against, parties can be sure that the arbitrator’s decisions will be fully implemented.

However, the arbitrator does have certain limitations. They cannot bind those who are not party to the agreement, meaning that third parties cannot be affected by their judgements. They are therefore unable to demand documents from third parties or impose interim injunctions which will bind them.

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We are absolutely committed to alternative dispute resolution as approaches to family law problems. That’s why two of our team are trained as collaborative lawyers and two as family mediators – and what’s more, a further member of our team is lined up to qualify as a family arbitrator early next year.

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