Warminster Family Mediation and Collaborative Law

Divorce is a deeply stressful process for many people, fraught with bitter arguments over the children and the division of financial assets. However, at Bonallack & Bishop, we believe that divorce does not always need to be this way. We offer clients in Warminster alternative ways of sorting out the disputes involved in their divorce in the form of family mediation and collaborative law. Using these methods can not only save a lot of argument but a lot of time and money as well and our firm has the expert collaborative lawyers and family mediators required in order to reach the fairest possible outcomes for your divorce.


It is important to note that family mediation and collaborative law will not be appropriate to every divorce case, particularly those where the parties argue too much to be able to discuss issues. However, those who believe that they can negotiate with their ex-partner in the presence of lawyers could benefit hugely like many of our clients have in the past. Whether you are divorcing, dissolving a civil partnership or separating following a co-habiting relationship – we could help. So, call our expert family team near Hampshire for FREE advice.


If you approach our team of family lawyers you will receive advice from accredited collaborative lawyers and family mediators/lawyers, making us certified specialists.

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Devizes Family Mediation and Collaborative Law

Divorce is an inherently stressful process but it needn’t take years, enormous expenditure on legal fees and bitter arguments to complete. There are alternative methods of dispute resolution known as collaborative law and family mediation which could not only save separating couples time and money but acrimony as well.

No Family Mediators in Devizes

Separating couples in Devizes currently will not be able to find a family mediator in their local area but thankfully, Bonallack and Bishop based in nearby Salisbury have specialist family mediators who can help.


Couples who are willing to cooperate can reap great rewards from the family mediation or collaborative law process. These alternative forms of dispute resolution encourage couples to reach fair agreements between themselves under the guidance of fully qualified family law experts. The family mediators at our firm are already qualified family lawyers and our collaborative lawyers hold full accreditation. We therefore have the expertise that couples in Devizes need in order to make fair arrangements for all concerned in the divorce settlement.


Bonallack & Bishop has the family mediators that couples in Devizes need to take some of the stress out of their divorce, civil partnership dissolution or separation.

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Using family mediation for disputes involving children

It must never be forgotten that children are very often affected worse by divorce than either partner. Having to settle disputes about how much each partner can see children and who they will live with and when can be very difficult and upsetting. They really hate to see their parents disagreeing – and the distress often gets worse the more bitter and vitriolic the parents disputes become. However, under the Children Act the best interests of the children must be top priority – and that is surely right.

Putting children under unreasonable pressure?

One of the worst scenarios is a long, drawn out court battle between parents over the rights to see a child, or to have a child lived with you – especially when the children are a little older and know what’s going on. In fact essential part of the process, that as children grow up, their views are more important – so their views will be taken and they will be listened to. That’s an awful lot of pressure to put on a child at any time, especially when they’re really distressed by the site of their parents’ breakup.

Family mediation takes these decisions out of the hands of the family judge – a third party who, in reality, knows nothing about the character of any of the children involved. The family mediation process. Instead allows parents to decide between themselves how they can best protect the well being of their children following separation. Mediation helps to make divorce proceedings less acrimonious and as a result it can insulate children from tensions involved. Whilst parents will need to make personal sacrifices, mediation enables them to control the outcome for their children in a way that they cannot do through court action, where a judgement is made with no opportunities for negotiation. In contrast to the distress children suffer when they see their parents fight, they can be significantly reassured by seeing their parents co-operate over what’s best for the children.

Remember, whilst you may be divorcing your spouse, that spouse will always remain the children’s parent.

How family mediation can help your children

Fully qualified family mediators will have the experience and skill needed to encourage parents to reach solutions to suit their circumstances and their family. They can also provide information on possible ways to reach an agreement and ensure that negotiations remain cordial throughout. Having the calming influence of an experienced family mediator can help to reach settlements which genuinely promote children’s best interests.

Court proceedings can take a very long time and ultimately it is not fair for children to be unsettled throughout such a long process. Mediation allows parties to reach decisions more quickly and inexpensively. Furthermore, it provides a forum in which both parties can air their grievances and seek to move forward under expert guidance.

Sadly, family mediation is not right for everyone – but for those it does suit, it can make a real and significant difference to the happiness of your children.

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Fordingbridge Family Mediation and Collaborative Law

If you going through a relationship breakdown, divorce or civil partnership dissolution, you will want to reach fair agreements over your finances and arrangements for any children who may be involved quickly, cost effectively and with minimum argument. Unfortunately, separations are rarely so straightforward and the bitterness of the parties often gets in the way of finding fair resolutions. Collaborative law and family mediation are ways of settling the issues arising from divorce expeditiously and amicably, saving parties money in the process.

However, at the time of writing this blog, there are no family mediators in Fordingbridge.

Fortunately, Bonallack & Bishop in nearby Salisbury have expert family mediators and can help couples in Fordingbridge with their separations.


Family mediation and collaborative law are not well suited to every couple. Those whose differences are too deep set for them to be able to talk through issues should stick with the traditional divorce route. However, those who believe that they can sit down and negotiate issues relating to children and finances for example will find that there is much to be gained with family mediation and collaborative law. Our expert team of family lawyers could help you with either of these dispute resolution methods.


Our family mediators are also experienced lawyers and have fully qualified collaborative lawyers who could help clients in Fordingbridge as well.

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Settling financial disputes using family mediation

Over the course of a marriage, civil partnership or long-term relationship, a couples’ finances can become intertwined and as a result it can be extremely difficult to untie these finances upon relationship breakdown. Worse still, arguments about the family family financial assets can get really bitter. In fact, money is often the thing that separating couples argue about most – more than the cause of the relationship breakdown, and even over children issues. However separating couples who feel that they can settle their financial disputes amicably will find that family mediation can be an excellent vehicle through which to do so.

It is crucial that couples can trust the family mediator who will conduct the mediation process. At our firm, all of our family mediators are also fully qualified family lawyers and therefore have the expertise needed to guide you through the family mediation process. Not only to they understand how to mediators – but the understand exactly how the courts are likely to treat a financial dispute, and how family finances are likely to be distributed at court.

Now, whilst it is certainly true that mediator is not allowed to give you advice, a good mediator will always provide valuable information about the best ways in which to reach agreements over your finances.

Family mediators play an important role informing both parties and communicating with the solicitors representing them. This may require ensuring that both parties have fully disclosed their financial information and that their solicitors accept the terms of any agreements which are drawn up. Where any properties or other assets need to be valued, the mediator will also be able to direct parties to suitable professionals, such as property surveyors or independent financial advisors.

It is essential that your mediator is a specialist because expertise is required to make the mediation process time and cost effective. They need experience of how family law works in practice and our specialist lawyer mediators have this in abundance.

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