12 key questions to help you determine your legal options during divorce

Resolution (formerly known as the Solicitors Family Law Association, or SFLA) is something that all the family law team here at Bonallack and Bishop are proud to be members of. The organisation represents over 6,500 family lawyers in England and Wales. In addition to their purposeful campaigning, Resolution produce some very useful material for the legal profession on a number of aspects of family law.

We understand that no divorce is the same, but just recently a document produced by resolution really captured attention of our team here at Bonallack and Bishop – it was a list of questions to help determine the approach you should take when addressing the breakdown of your relationship. Overall, we found the list to very helpful to those contemplating separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution in starting to think about the wide range of issues they’re going to need to address.

Here are those questions – so if your relationship has broken down, why not go ahead and answer them for yourself. They may just reveal what it is you will need to consider should you move forward with a divorce and how to deal with the process as a whole. But be aware, that they may make uncomfortable reading for some of you.

1. Do you always prioritise what is best for your children?

2. Are you looking for the legal process to be as simple as possible?

3. Do you like to feel in control of the decisions made about your family’s future?

4. Do you wish to avoid a long and tempestuous legal battle?

5. Do you want to keep the costs of a divorce low and under your control?

6. Do you believe that your relationship is equal in terms of power and decision-making?

7. Are you worried that you may be overawed by a partner’s powerful personality?

8. Do you think you will need professional legal help in order to obtain a fair outcome?

9. Do the financial implications of a divorce and financial aspects of your relationship concern you?

10. Do you see divorce as a means to bring closure to your relationship?

11. Do you wish to play a part in the divorce process or would you prefer someone else to handle it on your behalf?

12. Are your personal and family finances in order, while also being clear enough for a third party to understand?

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Legal Services Board to Investigate Online Divorce

The consumer watchdog for the legal industry, the Legal Services Consumer Panel, is to lead new research into the use of do it yourself online divorce offerings. It wants to look at both the risks and the challenges facing the legal firm given the increasing numbers of people logging on to do their legal work over the internet.

A few legal firms [and other non-lawyers] currently offer a download service for basic legal documents as part of their basic service, but new kids on the block such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer do nothing but create legal documents online for both individuals and business customers. It’s not completely new model, of course. You have been able to buy a blank will form from WH Smiths for just a few quid for decades now – but thankfully few people have been daft enough to take up that particular offer.

Along with the Legal Services Board, the consumer panel are to undertake new research into the online legal market and will speak to customers who have used online services to ask them to evaluate their experience. The report is expected to be out in the summer.

Many businesses and individuals still get legal advice in a traditional way, but online legal businesses are quickly starting to win a larger share of the market.

The consumer panel stressed that they understood why many people prefer to access divorce services online they are cheaper, quicker, more convenient and there is more choice. However, they also point out that there are some significant potential risks.

In response, the chairman of a leading online legal document company said that traditional law firms should be looking at the way they use online technology. Richard Cohen, who has in the past worked with Admiral Insurance and the AA, told an industry conference that he believed that many in the legal profession felt “threatened” by technological advances. He may be right. However technology doesn’t frighten us here at Bonallack and Bishop – we are convinced that technology will play an increasing role in the future production of legal documents – and that’s a good thing for consumers, provided, and this is a big proviso, that clients are getting the right advice they need. Just being provided with a blank form and being to get on with it yourself is certainly not the answer. It is being seen to see what the legal services consumer panel, and how the interests of consumers of legal services will be protected in the digital age.

However, while some areas of law will be increasingly driven by technology – divorce and family law may well buck the trend. Relationship breakdown involves often highly complex issues, not to mention strong emotions. For the foreseeable future, we think that family mediation will continue to form the best way forward for many separating couples.

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