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People often assume that their divorce will inevitably be fraught with tension and animosity – but this needn’t be the case.

Here at Wiltshire law firm Bonallack and Bishop, we strongly believe that family mediation and collaborative law can make the process of divorce and relationship breakup more manageable for our clients and most importantly, less distressing for any children involved. That’s why two of our family law team in Wiltshire are jointly trained family mediators/lawyers and three of the team are fully accredited collaborative lawyers and are committed to finding solutions for clients who are undergoing divorce which avoid the stress, bitterness and expense that is typically associated with divorce proceedings..


Family mediation and collaborative law encourage both parties to work together to reach mutual agreements for the disputes involved in their divorce. In some cases, the acrimony between the two parties may be too great for such approaches to be effective, however, we find that those couples who are willing to co-operate save a lot of time, hassle and money. Our family law team in Wiltshire are specialists who only practice family law, so they will be able to tell you if your case is appropriate for family mediation or collaborative law.


If you would like to know more about family mediation or collaborative law, get in touch with out specialist family team today and remember – your initial phone advice and first thirty minute appointment are absolutely FREE.

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