Family arbitration – 7 reasons to love it

We believe that family arbitration will really take off – it’s a great addition to the other existing alternative dispute resolution approaches to family law, i.e. family mediation and collaborative law. But what are the real advantages of family arbitration?

1. those involved choose their own specialist tribunal

2. the parties keep control of the whole process – and can progress at their chosen speed – not at the speed the court dictates

3. it’s quick – unlike court, there is usually only the need for numerous hearings – one directions hearing and the final hearing

4. it’s convenient – the place, date and time of any hearing, is set by those involved and by the family arbitrator – not by the court

5. the same family arbitrator deals with the case throughout – you don’t get passed from one judge to another, often dealing with a judge who has had no prior involvement or real understanding of the case

6. the whole process is comparatively informal – it easy to approach a family arbitrator for further directions if they prove necessary – unlike court, we need a formal application [usually involving extra costs]

7. depending on the complexity of the issues involved, decisions can either be recorded on paper – or made orally at a hearing

There you go – seven really good reasons why you should consider using family arbitration – it’s really all about control, and family arbitration means the parties remain in control – not the court.

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