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Divorce proceedings require the settlement of various tricky issues, including children and financial arrangements. Considering what is at stake it is unsurprising that divorce can be acrimonious, hostile and expensive, however Bonallack & Bishop’s specialist Hampshire based family lawyers believe that divorce doesn’t always need to be so difficult. We firmly believe in using innovative methods of dispute resolution – in particular family mediation and collaborative law are highly effective means of settling the disputes that arise during divorce with dignity and reduced argument – not to mention these approaches are usually much quicker and can lead to lower legal bills.


If you feel that you and your ex-partner can negotiate your financial settlement and other issues, then family mediation or collaborative law may be for you. We understand that some couples’ separation will have been too bitter for this to be possible – but for those who can talk their issues through with their ex-spouse and lawyers, these approaches can have fantastic results. Call our Hampshire family lawyers today for a free discussion as to whether or not your divorce, separation or civil partnership dissolution is appropriate for these methods.


Our Hampshire family law team are specialists – family law is all they do – and includes accredited collaborative lawyers and jointly trained family mediators/lawyers.

What’s more, for all family matters not only is your first phone call FREE– so is your first half hour appointment.

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