Collaborative Law and Family Mediation – New Northampton Service

We’re in Northampton now, with a further expansion of our successful family law and divorce service. Following on from the well-received recent launch of our new divorce service in Rugby, the Northampton service will like-wise specialise solely in family law and divorce and be delivered by our very best and brightest divorce and family law lawyers.

The team is comprised of Resolution trained and accredited Collaborative Lawyers and a jointly qualified Family Lawyer/Mediator, emphasising once again our strongly held belief that Collaborative Law and Family Mediation are the future for the resolution of disputes arising from divorce and other family law issues for many people. When you contact the team they will be able to explain to you all about these incredibly effective, game changing approaches to dispute resolution and answer any other divorce related questions that might be keeping you awake at night.

The Good Things about our new Northampton Service:

  • It’s a service specialising solely in family law and divorce and dedicated to the Northampton area.
  • You receive top flight legal advice from approachable, experienced family law and divorce lawyers specially trained in collaborative law and mediation.
  • There’s an out of hours phone advice line (07807 783805) available 5 pm to 9 pm weekdays and 9 am to 3 pm weekends.
  • FREE initial phone advice and FREE first 30 minute interview

The Bad Things:

We gave this considerable thought but just couldn’t think of anything!.

Access to collaborative law and family mediation in Northampton? Call our lawyers today on Northampton (01604 805499)