Settling financial disputes using family mediation

Over the course of a marriage, civil partnership or long-term relationship, a couples’ finances can become intertwined and as a result it can be extremely difficult to untie these finances upon relationship breakdown. Worse still, arguments about the family family financial assets can get really bitter. In fact, money is often the thing that separating couples argue about most – more than the cause of the relationship breakdown, and even over children issues. However separating couples who feel that they can settle their financial disputes amicably will find that family mediation can be an excellent vehicle through which to do so.

It is crucial that couples can trust the family mediator who will conduct the mediation process. At our firm, all of our family mediators are also fully qualified family lawyers and therefore have the expertise needed to guide you through the family mediation process. Not only to they understand how to mediators – but the understand exactly how the courts are likely to treat a financial dispute, and how family finances are likely to be distributed at court.

Now, whilst it is certainly true that mediator is not allowed to give you advice, a good mediator will always provide valuable information about the best ways in which to reach agreements over your finances.

Family mediators play an important role informing both parties and communicating with the solicitors representing them. This may require ensuring that both parties have fully disclosed their financial information and that their solicitors accept the terms of any agreements which are drawn up. Where any properties or other assets need to be valued, the mediator will also be able to direct parties to suitable professionals, such as property surveyors or independent financial advisors.

It is essential that your mediator is a specialist because expertise is required to make the mediation process time and cost effective. They need experience of how family law works in practice and our specialist lawyer mediators have this in abundance.

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